Dr. Oz Recommended African Mango Extract for Weight Loss but Do the Facts Support the Hype?

Since Dr. Oz introduced the idea of African mango extract supplements as a weight loss aid in 2011, sales of these supplements have surged. But do the benefits measure up to the hype?

The facts as we know them are that there was a clinical study done with 102 overweight individuals participating. In the study some participants received the patented African mango extract IGOB131 from the seed of the African mango fruit and the others received a placebo sugar pill.

At the conclusion of the study, the participants who received the IGOB131 extract lost 28 pounds over the 10 week time period, while the group getting the placebo did not lose any weight. So based on the results of this study the weight loss benefits appear real. The minor negative side effects reported in the study were the same for the participants taking both the placebo and the African mango extract, so based on this one small study, there is no evidence of negative side effects, but more studies should be done to confirm these results.

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