Just What the Doctor Ordered- A Simple Electronic Signature Solution

A branch of the health care industry has caught on to the benefit of integrating Sertifi’s electronic signature solution into their existing billing systems.

In June, Sertifi signed on Horizon Healthware as a reseller of its esignature software. Horizon is based out of Raleigh, N.C. and markets billing and electronic medical records systems within the home health care and hospice community.

A month after becoming a reseller, Horizon has signed on four Sertifi users, including Home Care Health Services in Kentucky.

Hamilton Temple, Sertifi’s sales director, oversees the health care market segment. A great deal of paperwork is generated prior to reaching the billing system that must be printed, faxed and signed. Sertifi automates home health agencies by enabling them to quickly capture esignatures.

Home health agencies use EMR to manage patient information and bill clients. Horizon will offer electronic signatures as an extension of that process.

Example: an agency providing nursing service in a Medicare patient’s home requires a doctor’s signed care plan.

“The process for these home health agencies has been input information into the billing system and bill Medicare electronically, but drop off a piece of paper for the physician to sign,” Temple says. “Sertifi enables agencies to automate that archaic step.”

Yvonna Fields, vice president of administration for Home Care Health Services, says the company was drawn to the Sertifi solution for its ability to automate the complex medical order workflow. Staff was trained and the system was operational in one day.

“After using the service for six months, we have demonstrated that our referring physicians who order our home care services have eliminated the enormous paper process we had previously burdened them with,” Fields says. “Sertifi has helped us improve our efficiency, accuracy and re-work while reducing paper management and related overhead costs.”

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To learn more about Sertifi’s esignature tools, call 1-866-983-8877 or visit: www.sertifi.com.

About Sertifi
Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sertifi develops and deploys enterprise-focused electronic signature solutions. Sertifi provides the leading Agreement Execution Platform, enabling sales organizations to improve exchange of sales contracts with customers and partners. Sertifi’s Software-as-a-Service technology is used by CareerBuilder, Microsoft and the U.S. Air Force.

Sertifi eSign solutions are fully integrated with industry-focused partners, and Oracle and Salesforce.com platforms. Additional integrations are available through more than 250 pre-built connectors and Sertifi’s enterprise API. http://www.sertifi.com.

About Horizon Healthware, Inc.
Horizon Healthware offers solutions for patient tracking, billing, clinical documentation, supply inventory control, electronic claims filing, electronic remittance posting, financial and statistical reporting, and electronic physician signatures. Horizon’s scalable solutions fit the needs and budget of agencies of all types and sizes in a variety of operating platforms. Horizon is an employee-owned company in Raleigh, NC.

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