Digital Exposure Creates Quality Jewellery Photography

In today’s market, there are millions of people claiming to be photographers, and it can be difficult to decipher between what’s going to suit your needs and what isn’t, but Digital Exposure, a commercial photography company based in the UK has taken a different approach to the art of taking pictures.

Digital Exposure creates a unique experience by offering specialization. Digital Exposure focuses on specialized genres within the photography world, for example they have talented and trained jewellery photographers.

“We have a lot of customers who come to us to photograph jewellery for commercial needs, and they’ve had bad experiences with past photographers,” said Jamie Knop, jewellery photographer of Digital Exposure.

“That’s because a lot of photographers don’t have a focus, and they’ll photograph anything, but there are products, including jewellery, that require a special skill set and particular experience to photograph.”

Knop says that jewellery is different from photographing people or nature, for example. According to Knop, jewellery photography requires an extreme attention to detail, an eye for lighting and a sense of patience to get the perfect shot.

“A lot of photographers just go out and start shooting, without any consideration for what the final product is going to look like,” said Knop. “That can turn out really great if photography is your hobby, or if you’re creating artistic photography, but that approach may not work as well in commercial jewellery photography. Jewellery is particularly challenging, because it is often small, delicate and requires an eye for detail. It’s difficult to capture the beauty of jewellery in a photograph, and that’s why it’s something that we specialize in. When you’re photographing jewellery for commercial purposes, for your website or a brochure for example, you really want your work to capture the subtle nuances and show how the light hits a particular piece. It’s really about conveying the beauty of the jewellery.”

“We’ve been using DigitalExposure for all of our product photography since 2005 now and over the past six years the two companies have developed a very good working relationship together,” said Ken Jones, Marketing Manager of Clogau Gold of Wales. “The guys at DigitalExposure can not only light our jewellery very well (which is no easy task) and create suitable natural settings, but they know exactly what we want and just get on with it. The whole process always runs smoothly.”

About Digital Exposure
Digital Exposure is a commercial photography company. Over the years they have regularly updated their equipment and now have the facilities for six simultaneous work stations offering everything expected from a professional commercial photography studio, from a single packshot to entire catalogues and from simple cut out images to creative advertising photography campaigns.

Contact Information:

Digital Exposure
Digital Exposure Ltd Unit 1b, Brymau Three Estate
River Lane, Saltney Chester
United Kingdom
Phone Number:01244 681919


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