Diet Pills Watchdog Discovers the Truth About HCG Diet Drops

The original Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet was invented by a Dr. Simeon over 50 years ago. It used an extract from the urine of pregnant women along with an extremely low-calorie diet of 500 calories per day, and at the time was hailed as a miracle weight loss cure.

It was strictly debunked as “quackery” as no scientific proof or evidence was ever presented. It then died a death in the 1970’s before being resurrected once more by more companies trying to cash in on people looking for weight loss answers.

The second time around they used a “homeopathic” version, which contained minute amounts of HCG extract. Again no evidence was ever presented to suggest it could ever work.

The FDA got involved in late 2011 and declared that all products containing homeopathic HCG were both fraudulent and illegal.

Despite this many manufacturers have carried on using the “HCG” label in an effort to convince customers that it is once more another miracle weight loss product. They even advise on using a low-calorie diet in conjunction with the HCG diet drops, and use some of the same terms as the very first version of HCG such as the “protocol.”

The “protocol” is an extreme form of dieting with different phases but has no clinical evidence. The FDA even went so far as labelling the protocols as dangerous, and not to be used without medical supervision.

A spokesman for the watchdog site, Mike Summers offered this advice, “Once more we are seeing more and more products labelled as HCG being produced and pushed to the consumers of dietary supplements. It is illegal to sell any product containing HCG, so to label them as such is extremely deceptive.”

He went on to say, “Consumers should take caution in regards to anything HCG related. The real thing is dangerous and has been rightfully banned. The other products around now labelled as HCG are usually a worthless blend of amino acids and other ingredients. No research has ever been done on any of them to suggest they could help with weight loss. Caution is advised.” is an independent review site that looks closely at diet pill supplements and the companies behind them. With many people falling victim to poor practices then it pays to find out everything you can about a product before spending your money. An in-depth study of HCG diet drops has just been undertaken where the whole sorry story has been uncovered. Read more about HCG diet drops here.

Contact: Mike Summers


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