New Device to Transform Smartphone Into Real Walkie Talkie

Fairlawn, NJ – November 6, 2012 – BriCom Solutions, a Radio-Over-IP equipment and service provider, today announced their launch of the Alianza DXB (Docking Cross-Breed Technology), a portable device which docks with your iPhone or Android smartphone to transform it into a portable two-way radio, a radio over IP gateway, and a LTE compatible device. The device also acts as a case, which provides the smartphone with added protection, a waterproof cover, and a secondary battery. More importantly the device will allow your iPhone or Android smartphone to communicate with any type of analog or digital two-way radio, smartphone, tablet, and computer anywhere in the world.

“The Alianza DXB is a game changer. It’s the first patented portable docking device of it’s kind with built in multi-band RF components and battery that transforms your smartphone into a true portable two-way radio,” Hermes Jimenez, Co-founder of Bricom Solutions.

Having the redundancy of full access to your wireless data network and being able to use a traditional two way radio on a single device has a multitude of benefits. This is especially true for outdoorsman, EMS, firemen, police, etc. who find themselves carrying multiple communication devices. The Alianza DXB looks to assist government officials make a seamless migration to commercial smartphone devices without losing their traditional systems. This month The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it would be swapping Blackberrys for iPhones because the Blackberrys “can no longer meet the mobile technology needs of the agency.” The Alianza DXB seems to be a great fit for such a swap.

“Giving public safety personnel their familiar portable two-way radio functionality with the added accessibility to their smartphone’s Internet, video, camera and applications is a must in our eyes. The Alianza DXB hardware two-way radio dock and software application is an ideal product for those who need full range coverage from their cellphone network in addition to the needed versatility of tradition two-way radio network & IP coverage,” says Hermes.

Bricom Solutions is continuing it’s testing of the Alianza DXB prototype and looking to further develop it within the upcoming months. “We are looking to make the device commercially available sometime mid to late 2013, said Robert Jimenez Product Development Manager of Bricom Solutions. A price point for the device has not been determined yet, but has been described to “be no more than the cost of a smartphone,” Robert said.

About BriCom Solutions
BriCom Solutions is a family owned, family inspired business started in 2006. Based in Northern New Jersey, BriCom specializes in two radios sales/services, smartphone push-to-talk application, warning lights sales/installation and vinyl graphics. With a knowledgeable staff with years experiences in their product’s support. We Provide sales and support to hotels, warehouses, retail, security and public safety. Are friendly staff is awaiting to assist with you any questions you may have.

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