Component Leaks for the Iphone 5 Shows Possible EMI Shielding Reports

iPhone 5 photos have revealed that the new iPhone to be released soon will have next-gen sensors and display shielding.

Although the news comes only as rumours and speculations as the sensors are taken from purported leaked iPhone parts images but the authenticity can be claimed as the parts look very much like something that would come out of Apple.

There is not much of an element of surprise at the coming Apple media event which is speculated to reveal the new iPhone along with a new mini iPad.

There have been more component parts surfacing on the web recently and it is all down to the closing date of the new iPhone being released.

The latest leaks have revealed the sensors, buttons and covers for the sixth generation iPhone. Apple expects to debut the phone on September 12th 2012.

The images have come from a website called and the images show a number of parts of the new device. There is even a mystery part attached to the images, which is a thin sheet of metal presumed to be used as a protective EMI shielding for the back of the phone.

The new iPhone is rumoured to pack a larger sized screen, speculations say the size could be anywhere from a 4 to 4.2 inch display contrary to its long held 3.5 inch display.

As dates of the new iPhone release come close so is the enthusiasm of the consumers and the leaks of different images of the phone and its parts. Apple has been very tight on its security for the new iPhone.
Other leaks of the iPhone have been the motherboard leak and the USB charging cable leaks, nothing has been confirmed by Apple.

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