Communication Commission Finds Mobile Data on the Rise with Kenyan Youth Reports

The majority of internet-users in Kenya are young people on mobile devices, according to the Communications Commission of Kenya. Their 2011-2012 report on internet use that was released this week points to younger Kenyans using social media sites. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook as making up the biggest bulk of internet traffic.

The report also showed that competition between internet service providers had spurred strong growth in subscription services, up almost 83% over the last year, to 7.7 million people. Land-based fiber-optic connections make up the majority of internet service hardware, putting satellite broadband providers in dire straights for new customers.

The higher subscription rates have resulted in an influx of users and more dispersed mobile internet usage. Total internet users in Kenya increased 18.5%, to 14 million people, and internet availability to the total population saw a 35% jump.

From the CCK report: “Increased demand for Internet and data services and use of social media especially among the youthful population; competitive tariffs by the mobile operators coupled with aggressive promotional and special offers have driven Internet usage.”

Safaricom continued to dominate total market share, with nearly 68% of subscribers, with Airtel Networks Limited coming in second (14% share), and Telkom Kenya Limited third (8.4% share).

Airtel picked up 4.5% of the user base in the last year, according to the report, while Safaricom fared less-well, losing 2.3%.

Mobile internet and data subscriptions continue near-total domination of internet service types, making up almost 99% of internet services offered in the African nation.

Investment in data services will continue to increase as mobile internet companies predict even further demand for data in Kenya as mobile devices become more popular with the public.

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