Clip-On Auto Dimming Car Rear View Mirror

It’s fair to say driver safety is a top priority for car manufacturers. As a result today’s car drivers are much safer than they were just a few years ago!

Protecting your vision should also be a priority! Although Auto Dimming Mirrors have been available for a long time it still tends to be high specification models that have them as standard fit. The majority of cars do not have this SAFETY feature.

With the increasing use of high intensity headlights (HID) it is important to avoid being blinded while driving. Most cars have a button that changes the angle of the mirror. While it is effective to a degree it means taking your hand off the wheel and the effect tends to be a dulling of your vision. Quite often it’s too late as the driver has already been blinded by HID headlights!

A relatively inexpensive solution is now available!

A new range of Clip-On Auto Dimming Rear View Mirrors is now available to give you the optimum vision in ALL driving conditions! They can be fitted in approximately 30 seconds and importantly they do not require any wiring. The battery lasts for approximately 3 years under normal driving conditions. The mirror is slim line to fit over your existing mirror and is fully transferable from car to car. The mirror is particularly effective at reducing the glare from high intensity headlights.

It is possible that these are the first Clip-On Auto Dimming Mirrors to be available in the Europe that do not require any wiring!

The mirrors are ONLY available from and come in a range of colours. Natural, Blue Fusion, and Amber.

You can order via our secure website or if you prefer just print off the order form on the Products/Shop page and post a cheque.

For further information please contact Martyn Lawrie on 07841 825140 or Please visit for more information.

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