China Telecom Launches First 3G Cell Phones within $283

According to Sina Tech news on 7th, September, Cell phones manufacturers said that China Telecom has formally launched its first 3G mobile phones on the market and more such kind of phones will come into market at the end of September.

The first launched mobile phones are Coolpad D280. Their retail prices are $245.97. China post is in charge of its social stock and distribution.

In accordance to inside info from Coolpad, the total number of this launch is 50,000. Coolpad D280 will be sold via national social channel and China Telecom, instead of other wholesale electronics ( sellers or retailers. The first and the second level cities are their top selling places and then they would be penetrated to the third and the fourth cities in China. Coolpad hopes that they could enhance the covering range of Tianyi 3G cell phones via this sale method.

Data of Sino-MR reveals that EVDO cell phones increased 19.4% in July, comparing to June. The main products of EVDO are middle or high end types and most of them are priced more than $283. China Telecom will alleviate EVDO mobile phones’ types and models limitation through Coolpad cell phones which are priced within $283.

On 24th, August, China Telecom opened Tiyi Cell phones Sale conference and announced the bid result of 3G cell phones of China Telecom. There are totally 68 series from 31 terminal manufacturers win the tender and stock number is up to 4,000,000. Anycall, Yulong Coolpad, ZTE and other traditional strong CDMA corporations are top-rated and Coolpad has four series phones wining this bid. These phones are distributed by Chinatelling, China Post, China Putian, and other formal agencies, so they are not easy to find in other retail/wholesale mobile phones ( spots.

Majordomo of Coolpad market department leaked that other 3 series 3G within $283 like E220 and E230 would be on the market separately in September and October.

China electronics ( are striving to make more advanced phones more affordable and they have made a big leap. Most cell phone users express their positive attitude toward China cell phones development and their influence around the world.

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