CD Duplication Is Always Done Differently At VDC Group

Large scale manufacturers such as car firms, retail giants you will find on every high street and out of town mall and international food outlets all use CDs to pass on information to customers in a fun way.

“Let’s face it a customer is far more likely to listen to a CD or watch a fun commercial on disc than he is to read a leaflet which just happens to be sticking out of a cardboard container at reception,” said Ashwin Bedi, VDC Group MD.

“And it is not just us who believe that. We have the figures to back this kind of data up thanks to numerous surveys which have been carried out over the years.”

VDC Group executives have always prided themselves on their indepth knowledge of their market. CD duplication and CD replication are tried and tested techniques which have been used in the CD copying market for the past two decades at least.

The CD discs themselves are far less sensitive than a DVD which means they won’t get scratched so easily and are far tougher physically – hence the adverts where the CD is used as a coaster.

In addition it is far easier to copy data onto a CD than to replicate it. This is because the former is a far more simple process which can be achieved on a home computer. Replication, on the other hand, involves the use of a glass master disc and several ‘stampers’ along with mould injections. It is also far more costly and time consuming.

Another advantage of CD duplication is that it can be carried out quickly and often within the same day – despite the fact a standard disc can copy up to 80 minutes worth of data.

Once the CD duplication process is achieved companies often ask for the printing and packaging options offered by the company. This includes graphic design consultations and the production of prototypes as samples to be displayed at crucial board marketing meetings.

The firm also boasts a large 70,000 square foot storage warehouse and distribution facilities, either in house or via a tried and tested courier firm which will deliver UK wide. Providing a ‘one stop’ facilities tends to work out far cheaper for the client in the long run.

For more information on the advantages of particular duplication techniques carried out by the company please feel free to contact them either by telephone: 0208 8963 3555 or via the website

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