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No gamer wants to see ‘game over’ flashing on their screens and the game BoxWorld for Windows can make avoiding these immortal words a near-impossibility. There is a total of 525 puzzles to be solved on BoxWorld, where players have to choose carefully where to place boxes in order to gain enough energy to teleport to the next level of the game. Of course, there is some margin for error but if players get it wrong one too many times, they end up with no lives left and the games comes to a sudden, saddening end. Thankfully, the gamers at have been working away to find all 525 solutions needed to guarantee success at the game BoxWorld for Apple MacOS X Tiger.

Looking up the solutions is something gamers do for a variety of reasons and it’s not just a way of cheating. All gamers know the frustration of getting to the 300th level of a game before meeting an untimely game over death and the annoyance is only compelled by the idea of trawling through those 300 channels again just to make any more progress. This problem resonates, especially, for players of the game BoxWorld for Amiga. So, the primary use of is for gamers to access the solutions they need to get back to their last puzzle without wasting time trying to figure all of the previous levels out all over again.

“I’m so grateful to for providing such an easy way to return to the last level I was playing. I can’t think of anything worse than having to trawl through hundreds of puzzles that I’ve already figured out so the fact you can get the solutions really makes for a better time when playing BoxWorld. I highly recommend using the site if you want to get to the more advanced stages of BoxWorld.” – Brian Peters

As if that wasn’t enough, players can now also access all of the same benefits for the game BoxWorld 2 for Windows. That means a whole plethora of new puzzles are waiting to be solved even after the 525 puzzles that are included in the first version of the game. Obviously, these could take a huge amount of time to solve and if, as for most people, time is of the essence, then it may be wiser to use the solutions of to access the solutions for puzzles until the player chooses one to play for themselves.

About was founded because BoxWorld is a highly enjoyable but time-consuming game and most players do need to access the solutions in order to complete the game.


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