New Book Claims Psychic Used to Catch International Spy

In what was already a bizarre decade-old espionage case, the use of a psychic to find a suspect has rendered the entire case under the ‘nearly unbelievable’ category.

A U.S. intelligence officer is writing a tell-all about a psychic being used to track spy, and former Brightin schoolboy, Jean-Philippe Wispelaere during an operation more than a decade ago.

“Wispelaere was a love-level imagery analyst who should probably have never got through the security vetting process,” says the author.

Scott Carmichael is authoring the book and is a senior security and counterintelligence investigator at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. He worked on the Wispelaere case at the turn of the century. The book is being written about how he utilized the use of a psychic to identify Wispelaere after the former Australian Defense Intelligence Organization analyst attempted to sell U.S. documents to the Singaporean embassy officials in Thailand.

Wispelaere gave his email address to the embassy, however the U.S. authorities could not be sure of his identity or if he would contact the embassy again. They were also uncertain of his identity at the time of his attempts to sell 1,382 documents that he priced at hundreds-of-thousands of U.S. dollars.

The Australian National University graduate did eventually contact the embassy and was tricked by the FBI into travelling to the United States, where he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of federal prison in 2001.

The 41-year-old was recently released and returned to his country of birth, Canada, rather than returning to Australia where his mother still lives.

Carmichael stated that the use of a psychic to identify “unknown subjects” had been common in U.S. intelligence circles in the 1980s and 90s.

The use had been phased out by the Wispelaere case, but Carmichael said that he decided to utilize psychic Angela Ford during his conducting of the investigation.

”The agency was out of the psychic business,” Mr. Carmichael said. ”It seemed that I was out of luck. But I persisted. It was a purely personal endeavor to determine whether Angela could develop – through paranormal means – useful information about the walk-in event.”

She determined the suspect was an Australian and a muscular individual that was in his 20s.

She also determined Wispelaere attempted to sell documents to Singaporean individuals in Bangkok, but was not sure why he stated his involvement with U.S. imagery given he was in Australia.

Wispelaere was a steroid abuser and gym rate, and used the alias Jeff Baker when he approached the embassy, claiming to be an American.

”I was working many cases at this time and I was kept in the dark on all of them,” Ms. Ford said.

”I couldn’t know anything about the cases I was working on because that would be cheating.”

Professor Williams, a former intelligence analyst and army officer stated he was not aware of the psychic being used for such operations. He did express suspicion regarding the legitimacy of the psychic ability in the case.

”Wispelaere’s espionage case was not very complicated. In fact, it was quite straightforward from an investigative perspective,” he said.

”Wispelaere was a low-level imagery analyst who should probably never have got through the security vetting process.

”There is a cottage industry of writers who claim that bin Laden is not dead, the Israelis were behind the World Trade Centre attack, etc. Of course, it is often very hard to prove the opposite case and may be limited by releasability of information.”

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