Bloggers at Outline the Features the iPhone 5 Needs to Compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3

The world is abuzz with news of the release of the iPhone 5, and pre-orders are already in the millions, but the technology bloggers at say the iPhone better deliver, particularly since it’s now competing against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

“The iPhone used to be the top product of its kind on the market,” said Demonsys bloggers. “That’s not necessarily true anymore, there are phones, like the Galaxy S3, that are really giving the iPhone a run for its money, and we think the new iPhone 5 features are going to have to be great to compete.”

The bloggers at Demonsys released a list of the features they feel the iPhone 5 will need to have in order to remain competitive with the newest Samsung Galaxy.

According to, the iPhone 5 is rumored to have the A5X processor of the iPad 3. If it does, it should be enough to match the 1.5 Ghz dual core processor of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 will also need at least 2GB RAM to match the hardware of the S3.

“With all the advanced apps that iPhone will need to have on the iPhone 5, it will definitely need the best available processor or else the unit would only end up as being slow and that would not be good for iPhone,” say the bloggers at Demonsys.

One thing that iPhone does not have is external storage, say the bloggers at Demonsys.

“These units do not come with a microSD slot,” say the Demonsys bloggers. “Unless the iPhone 5 intends to have an extraordinary amount of internal storage, something greater than 64GB, it will need a microSD slot to match the S3.”

“There are rumors that the iPhone 5 will have a display of at least 4 inches,” say Demonsys bloggers. “If this is true, then the unit will make a step towards matching the size of the S3 Super AMOLED display. There are some people who believe that the 4.8” display of the S3 is a bit too big. However, a 1280×720 resolution is definitely nice to look at. The iPhone 5 will definitely need to match the resolution of the S3.”

According to Demonsys, many buyers of smart phones are very focused on the quality of the cameras. The iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S3 both have 8 mega pixel rear facing cameras. The site bloggers say the iPhone 5 will definitely need the same 8 mega pixel camera, and it would be beneficialif the phone offers a camera that is even better.

“It would really be a good idea if the iPhone 5 has a bit more punch in its camera than the S3 because a lot of people make their buying decisions based on the camera quality,” said the bloggers at Demonsys. “It would be wise if Apple does not overlook this when they release the iPhone 5. Somehow, smartphones need a great camera in order to be considered great.”

“In order to really make its mark in the smart phone universe, the iPhone 5 will definitely need tons of new features that will not only match but exceed those of the Samsung Galaxy S3,” said the bloggers.“iPhone is losing the battle against the Samsung Galaxy S3 and unless the iPhone 5 has better features, the iPhone will definitely not take the lead.”

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