Belkin iPhone 5 Cases Available Now from Mobile Fun

With sales of the iPhone 5 through the roof, Mobile Fun have sourced even more iPhone 5 accessories from Belkin. Proving hard to find elsewhere in the US, the Belkin cases aim to protect the iPhone 5 from daily damage, keeping it looking newer for longer.

One of the many Belkin iPhone 5 case styles available from Mobile Fun is the Belkin Grip Sheer Case. Manufactured from a TPU material, this iPhone 5 case is extremely durable so it offers long lasting protection from daily damage through bumps and drops. This helps to keep the iPhone fully functioning for longer and prevents any scrapes or scratches from damaging the delicate body of the cellphone.

Another way in which the Belkin Grip Sheer Case protects the iPhone is due to the added grip the case provides. This stops any clumsy moments, meaning the user is less likely to drop the iPhone, so it stays in better condition for longer.

Designed to be as slimline as possible, the Belkin case can be used with a number of iPhone accessories including an iPhone 5 car holder, thanks to the thin style. This means that no bulk is added to the iPhone 5, which is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S; making it extremely pocketable.

The translucent design of the Grip Sheer case means that the two tone effect of the iPhone can be seen through the case, adding even more style. The case ensures that all the ports and features of the iPhone 5 are fully accessible including the iPhone 5 charger port, so that the cell phone doesn’t need to be removed from the case when it requires charging.

Stylish, protective and adding grip, the Belkin Grip Sheer Case is available now from Mobile Fun.

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