Beats Headphone Brand Puts Dr. Dre at Top of Forbes List Reports

Beats By Dr. Dre have been raking in a bunch of money for the legendary West Coast producer/rapper. The revenue accounts for over half of the high-end headphone market. Forbes magazine’s September 24 issue, which featured a brand-new list of hip-hop’s highest paid earners.

Beats By Dr. Dre came was responsible for $100 million over the past year. Dre even managed to pass up his peers like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z. Each of whom were in the top five.

Dr. Dre was not alone when honing in on the headphone market, especially with those in the top 10.

The headphone, Soul, which was a company launched by Ludacris, helped to put him up at the 10 spot with a $12 million take that also included such roles as “Fast Five” and “New Year’s Eve,” plus Conjure cognac and Radio Shack voiceovers.

Dr. Dre is a legendary rapper who continues to bring his catchy beats to the table. Music with a good beat will never go out of style, and those with any interest should certainly pursue their dream, as it can lead to the lifestyle of anybody’s dreams.

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