Bat Tech Provides Solutions to Common Blackberry Problems

As Blackberry phones become more and more advanced, so do the bugs that infest these amazing mobile gadgets. Blackberry users continue to experience various Blackberry problems that hinder their amazing Blackberry user experience.

Luckily, the most commonly experienced Blackberry issues are quite easy to solve. Bat Tech has chosen the most commonly experienced Blackberry problems and discovered some solutions that can help users to assess their Blackberry’s condition in no time.

Over heating
There are instances when Blackberry units get hot and warm. This has been noticed by a large volume of Blackberry users and this is one of their chief complaints. Among all the models, Blackberry 9800 is said to be the one which suffers from this the most. One of the most common causes of this problem is the simultaneous running of several applications. Also, it can be due to the fact that the data connection of the phone is always open. This can be easily resolved by constantly checking the running applications. Also, Blackberry has an app called Battery Booster Pro. This helps in determining whether there are unused open applications.

Freezing Screen
Most of the time, Blackberry users experience a freezing screen. Whatever they do, whatever button they push, nothing happens. For this problem, you can choose between two different solutions. First off, you can do soft resetting. This is done by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys all at the same time. In the event that nothing happens, the user can always go for hard resetting wherein the user has to look for the Reset Button. This button is usually located below the battery cover or anywhere at the bottom of the back of the Blackberry. With these methods, users do not have to worry about losing data.

Deleted Call Logs and Messages
Blackberry phones are known to delete the oldest messages and call logs. This fact irritates Blackberry users a lot. In order to resolve this, the users must first understand why Blackberry phones do this. Messages and call logs are deleted in order to free up some space. This happens when the phone is already jam packed with data and files. This is the problem that is most easily resolved. The first thing that the user should do is to regularly check his memory space. This can be done by going to Options then to the Status. The screen will show your available space. Avoid this problem by making sure that the Blackberry always has enough space.

Failing Track Pad
A few Blackberry users have experienced this problem, when the trackpad becomes unresponsive. In order to combat this problem, Blackberry users are recommended to update the phone’s firmware to the latest version. Another effective solution is to do a battery pull. The mobile phone should be ON when doing this. Pull the battery out then place it back after 30-60 seconds.

About Bat Tech
Bat Tech is a company that provides reliable, trusted, high quality and effective repairs solutions to various laptops, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. The company takes pride in giving their clients up-to-date computer repairs and solutions. For over many years now, Bat Tech still continues to be one of the best repairs service provider in Australia. With Bat Tech, users can rest assured that their gadgets are in good hands.

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