Earphones Takes on the Big Boys

Bassbuds earphones are steadily becoming the talk of the town. All music lovers can now rejoice because there is, actually are, a series of earphones from Bassbuds which are simply amazing to say the least. Everyone is entitled to have his or her own prerequisites while choosing a pair of headphones. There are very few brands out there that can manage to impress all and sundry. Some earphones are classy but they fail to deliver the desired quality of audio output, some headphones offer great sound but are pretty tacky and are definitely not for the style conscious. Then there is a factor called price. Not everyone has a great deal of money to be spent on earphones.

Bassbuds earphones manage to provide answers to all our requisites for that perfect pair of headphones. First, the look of all the headphones manufactured by Bassbuds is catchy and captivating. The sheer option of being able to choose among 20 color variations is unprecedented and no other major brand in the market offers the same. There have been instances where the style conscious music lovers intend to buy Bassbuds earphones matching with the color of their shoes or the smartphones they use and the likes. If you look at the material used to make the earphones then anyone would be pleasantly surprised. Bassbuds earphones have a light weight aluminum housing whereas all major headphones have a plastic body. With its anti tangle and double wrapped cable, the Bassbuds earphones are easily more durable than almost all other popular brands. Being compatible with all smartphones and having an answer as well as a call ending key coupled with the play, pause, previous and next track keys, the Bassbuds earphones just keep getting better with the features and functions.

Talking about earphones, there is nothing more important than the sound and with the Advanced Crystaltronics High Performance Sound Technology, no one is going to complain with the output. Noise isolation is simply superb whether we talk about phone calls, listening to music while playing games or simply turning on the media player in the smartphone. The noise isolation feature is enhanced when one considers the ethereal bass levels and the purity of the audio output. Having accomplished all this, these earphones also manage to play it loud which we all love.

With prices phenomenally cheaper than every other major brand in the UK, Bassbuds earphones are certainly something anyone would like to own.

BassBuds are high performance in ear headphones with a microphone, call and MP3 controller. They are compatible with all smartphones and the unique Advanced Crystaltronics sound technology provides crystal clear sound and is built with precision engineered, high quality materials. With over 20 colour combinations encrusted with Swarovski ® elements, BassBuds have one of the largest and stylish earphone ranges in the world.

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