Atlanta Company Launches New Text Messaging Platform

SERP Solutions, an Internet Marketing Company in Atlanta, GA, has just launched a new Online Mobile Marketing platform targeting the small to medium business market.

While large national chains and web based businesses spend millions of dollars a day on marketing, the small business owner is finding it harder to compete. “Mobile levels the playing field!” says owner David Lloyd. “Everyone is on the go and everyone has phones that support SMS. Our Mobile Marketing platform allows the SMB to compete using text messaging, 2d bar codes, mobile web sites, and much more.”

Atlanta based SERP Solutions has been developing web applications and web sites for over a decade. The company branched out into search engine optimization and internet marketing in 2008. Mobile marketing is the next big wave and as such is a natural transition for the internet marketing company. As search engines have moved into the local market and have seen more searches done on mobile devices, they have begun to cater to the smart phone user. “What we offer is an easy interface between the business owner and his customer’s smart phone.” Mr. Lloyd says.

Smart phone users are projected to reach 73.3 million by the end of 2011. Mobile devise use is expected to outpace desktop by 2013 and by 2015, nearly 45 percent of all Americans will own a smart phone. The term “mobile” will mean a lot more than mobile phones. Consumers are connecting more and more devices wirelessly to the Internet.

SERP Solutions Mobile Marketing platform, called “locamobileonline” is a web based, commercial grade application allowing the user a full line of mobile services including SMS text marketing, voting, and alert campaigns. The platform includes mobile web page development, QR Barcode generation, and much more.

The fastest growing category among users of both apps and mobile browsers is social networking. The “locamobileonline” application includes access to Facebook and Twitter account connections. “You can broadcast a message to your customers and have it appear on your Facebook and Twitter pages!”, says Mr. Lloyd.

There are some incredible benefits to utilizing mobile marketing for your business. The WOW factor allows even the smallest brand to make its mark. The 18-40 demographic is ready to buy, and the technology won’t break your bank! Think mobile first when it comes to your customers’ online experience. Learn more at, or email

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