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Over the past few years, mobile phone use in the United States has increased dramatically. Statistics reveal that 82% of Americans are cell phone users, and 23% of adults are part of a household that keeps a cell phone, but does not have a landline phone. The rise of mobile phone technology has paved the way for the development of mobile applications. The “apps culture,” as the techies call it, makes multi-channel devices out of the mobile gadgets in order to access the Internet for business and pleasure.

It is notable that of the adult cell phone users, 43% have software applications or “apps” on their phones – which roughly equates to 35% owning mobile phones with apps. The trend is telling: app developers are in for a lucrative global niche in the years to come. However, while app development is relatively a thriving industry, the marketing aspect of the business can use a little push.

“With the phenomenal growth of apps and smartphone when Apple released the iPhone in 2007, we predict that Mobile Marketing will eclipse Internet Marketing in the next few years,” stated Maurice Ufituwe of AppSoluteMarketingX. “Local businesses need to pay close attention and start thinking about integrating this new trend in their marketing efforts,” continued Ufituwe

Founded by Maurice Ufituwe, Ecommerce Maurice Victor is an Internet Marketing and E-commerce company providing marketing solutions for every Apple or Android application developer who needs the help and expertise of professionals to dramatically improve their download rates in the Apple or Android Store. With firm roots within the online marketing industry, the company debuted on the Internet in 2006 as an eBay seller, and later on shifted to affiliate marketing and selling information products online.

The website showcases the custom made solutions tailored to suit the needs of the Android and iPhone app development sector to significantly increase sales and revenue. provides app developers with help and assistance on how to market their product and services on the Internet and on 5.2 billion mobile devices worldwide. To ensure effectiveness of strategies, the company consults with businesses in the field of Social Media, Mobile Marketing, App Marketing and Reputation Management.

For a closer look at the app marketing services offered by AppSolute Marketing X, please log on to for details.


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