Useful Android Apps Save Gas

With gas prices flying through the roof, we should utilize every means to save on gas. Even a few simple saving ideas can save us much more than just a few nickels.

People are scrambling to find ways to save on gas. Many are trending towards walking, biking, and public transportation. These are great ways to save. However, people don’t always have the extra time to walk, to catch a ride, etc., so they generally just have to make do with what they can. Even when it feels like we can’t do anything drastic to save, there are a few things you can do to save on gas.

There are some useful Android apps that can go a long way in helping people save in different situations; gas is no different. Gas Buddy, for example, became a Superstar by helping people find the best prices for gas in their area. This has been a powerful tool which has saved people money. Unfortunately, the Gas Buddy app has also lost people money because it’s hard to tell if driving further for cheaper gas is actually saving money. The new and useful gas app called SmartGas has solved this problem; it has taken saving on gas to the next level. SmartGas calculates the total round-trip cost of driving to and filling up at each your nearby gas stations so you can see if it’s worth driving further to save a few cents a gallon.

SmartGas uses your location to find the price of gas at all the stations around you and figures out which station is cheapest for you based on how much gas you’ll use to get there as well as the total cost of filling up your fuel tank at that price. It is one of the quickest ways to start saving, and certainly it is the smartest way to figure out the best place to fill up.

Here are some suggestions on saving gas. If any of these are available to you, they are great money-saving ideas:

1. Consider walking or biking. These are great for saving on gas while exercising—two birds, one stone. It can be tought to find time to exercise. What better way to save money and live healthier than to look for situations to walk, rather than drive.
2. Take the train/bus. If you can get a good deal, this is definitely a viable option. If the distance you need to travel is pretty far, you can save a lot of money by hopping on a train.
3. Carpool! Cut your gas expenses in half in an instant at the cost of a slight inconvenience. Swing by and pick up a co-worker who is on your way to work. Split the cost of gas and you’ve done it!
4. Get SmartGas on your Android phone. Get the best price available and don’t spend too much gas getting there.

With these gas-saving ideas, you can lower your carbon footprint, save money, and potentially get some extra exercise (get out there and start walking!).

SmartApps LLC is innovating to increase convenience and save people money. Check out SmartGas at at the android marketplace.

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