Ampe A90 9.7 Inch IPS Screen Android 8GB Tablet PC

Ampe refused to homogeneity, adhere to the independence of product design and development route, A90 design on the still continues the charm of love consistent style, the research and development of their appearance, fine thin fashion design style, the most only 9.8 cm thick, make the overall appearance more fashionable fine thin. On the screen, 9.7 inches wide Angle IPS display, the 4:3 display ratio, brightness to reach 400 Nita, and resolution to a 1024 x 768 pixels, for the users to bring better visual experience. And in control, use is G + G capacitive touch screen hard, can achieve at ten o ‘clock touch, combined with the mechanical buttons on the configuration and touch buttons for users to bring more comfortable and convenient experience.

Ampe A90 ( use a original 9.7 inches IPAD2 1024 x 768 screen resolution, IPS screen technology hard all the perspective that extraordinary quality, no matter visible Angle, response speed, dynamic and static clarity or color reduction degree, at present the highest level in the LCD panel. Watch HD video, in electronic reading and playing HD games and present application of incomparable quality shock. It can support at ten o ‘clock capacitance touch, with 130 W before after 2 million pixels camera. Ampe gives the Android 4.0 A90 said intelligence operation system, the 1.5 GHz A90 1 GB memory and frequency SDK2.0 powerful hardware and software combination, make each and every step of the operation and operation of all such as fly saint. The built-in 16 GB flash memory can be super capacity to provide users with more storage space. 1080 P HD decoding and FLASH10 application, not only provide local + Internet video all-round experience, more let a 9.7-inch IPS screen become a IMAX cinema.

To evaluating the room, we now compared with apple IPAD 2 proxy. Very thin, the thick place only 9.8 mm, more than the IPAD thin.

1.5 GHz main frequency + 1 GB memory is at present the A8 in the framework of the combination of the fastest operation. DDR double the capacity of not only to the whole operation speed is to multiply, more make multitasking ability increased greatly. The bottom of the advanced technology for the whole operation optimization depth accelerated again, make each and every step of the operation and operation of all accumulated such as fly; Fundamentally ensure that the system running smooth and steady. With the combination of 3 D graphics processor independent with strong 3 D image rendering ability, relaxed competent for all kinds of large 3 D game.

Support video preview function, can achieve rapid positioning. Video broadcast interface than before a lot of beautiful not only, and also has the progress the preview screen, users in the fast forward, to be able to quickly find that want to position, human experience better.

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