Ampe A72 7 Inch Capacitive Screen Android 4.0 Tablet PC

Ampe A72 using designed for a new generation of MID make All Winner A10 processing chip, to 1.5 GHz maximum frequency.

The chip into “Many Core” the nuclear idea, including CPU, GPU, DPU, VEPU, SPU, APU, UPU, AEPU, and other unit integration for an organic whole, each division of labor and cooperation, high level of integration reduces the risk of runtime error, to meet user higher games, Internet access, video experience. Ampe A81 using All Winner A10 plan released firmware 2.0 T, solve the Android 4.0 primary Music player application and relevant experience problems, and further modified the UI, so that users can experience to Android 4.0 effect. At the same time it built-in Android native software application, including Market, Google Map, etc, and user-friendly.

Perfect the industrial design, 7 inch super-thin appearance, insufficient thickness of 1 cm, machine four corners and use only beautiful curve edge design, the more suitable for palm, long time to take in the hand to also won’t feel tired. Dexterity lightsome can easily in your pocket. By the famous designer, a patent of appearance design. The metal wire drawing machine positive design, contracted and fashion, with the back water texture design, prevent scratch also has the personality and aesthetic feeling.

Support 2160 P HD video broadcast all over directly, and at the same time support 1080 P and 720 P video formats of various sizes of more. 2160 P, namely 3840 x 2160 resolution, 1080 P for all the HD resolution now standard, that is 2160 P screen pixel density of reached 1080 P’s four times. At the same time it support RMVB, AVI, WMV, MKV, VOB, MOV, FLV, ASF, DAT, MP4, 3 GP, MPG, SWF, TS, video format, let users enjoy the audiovisual feast.

A72 ( support all HD output HDMI, can the video and games flat screen transmission to big screen display to watch or operation, taking account of the outdoor portable entertainment and family audio, the game experience, can let the user experience to “family game + home theater” enjoy the entertainment, further enrich the use of user experience.

A72 can connect to the 3 D TV equipment, with 3 D glasses, and to realize the shock 3 D video more support. At the same time, the high frequency and 512 M DDR3 cache, add Mail 400 display chip and gravity induction function, let the users enjoy the game experience. Shock 3 D video + fun 3 D games, love gives A72 strive to become your play to be bestowed favor on newly.

A72 running Android 4.0 operating system support Flash 10.3 and meta web standards, can complete reduction on the web site all sorts of elements. Look at the news, play micro bo, etc, it can also be easily deal with online application, let you enjoy the life online.

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