New Advancements Made in Plasma Television Technology 2012

Panasonic recently introduced the newest edition to its Viera line of plasma TV products: the Viera TX-P42ST30B which sets the bar for being the 3D plasma technology to beat in 2012. Improvements to this latest model include incredible colour saturation in both 2D and 3D formats and a response time of 0.001 milliseconds. Panasonic’s 2012 Viera also comes with integrated Wi-Fi standard so viewers can connect to the internet and watch their favourite shows right from their television. Samsung has also announced a new series of plasma televisions for sale in 2012 under their Samsung Plasma E8000 series. Incorporated into the plasma’s redesign are improved features including Samsung’s Smart Interaction technology, known for its motion sensing and facial recognition capabilities. LG’s answer to both of these was the PM9700 series which comes with an anti-reflective matte coating to reduce screen glare.

Samsung is attempting to alter the television viewing experience by re-creating the television/family dynamic. With Samsung’s new line of plasma televisions, family members will now be able to share photos and reminders with one another at the click of a button. Pictures and videos can be sent directly from the television to any number of different wireless devices including iPads and smartphones for viewing anywhere in the world.

These new technologies come at a price, and it certainly isn’t cheap. At the very least, they will create a substantial $1,000 dent in your pocket, though they are each well worth the additional expense. Historically, each of these brands has a combination of resilience and reliability, and each of these units comes with an extensive warranty. Purchasers of these plasma televisions can expect to use them for years without issue.

Consumers who are in the market to buy a new plasma television in 2012 will not be disappointed. All of the big name electronics giants have been busy the past year forging new paths into 3D technology, integrated Wi-Fi, and interactive menus based on voice recognition and touchscreen applications. All of these new products can be located on Best Plasma TV Reviews. This particular website is frequently updated with links to several different top-selling plasma television brands which include (but are most certainly not limited to) Samsung, Panasonic, and LG. Prospective buyers interested in educating themselves before investing in any of these televisions will benefit from reading the comprehensive plasma TV reviews posted on the site as well.

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